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Multi-Factor Authentication

Drastically boost your security by following a few steps and adopting simple habits.

What is MFA?

The traditional method of using just a username and password for authentication is not very secure as they are easy to guess or steal. For added security, services have introduced Multi-Factor Authentication, Two-Factor Authentication (2Fa), or Two-Step Verification (all the same). This requires further information or actions, in addition to the username and password, to prove the user's identity when signing in.

How does MFA work?

You should be able to setup MFA in the security settings of your accounts. There are widely supported methods that should be avoided such as SMS and Email confirmation as these methods can be spoofed easily. Another widely adopted method that is more secure is Time-based one-time password (TOTP) where using an app you enter a secure code aquired from the service into the app and a new PIN is generated every 30 seconds by the app. Other methods are sign in confirmation from your smartphone and USB keys.

Types of MFA

Authentication factors confirm identity during sign-in. Common types are: something you know (password or PIN), something you have (smartphone or secure USB key), and something you are (fingerprint or facial recognition).

KeePassXC & KeePassDX

KeePassXC is mainly an open-source cross-platform feature-rich desktop password manager and KeePassDX is an implementation of KeePassXC for smartphones. Both KeePassXC and KeePassDX have built-in support for TOTP MFA and we recommend them both to be used at the same time. Using both means that if you lose either your smartphone or computer, you still have the other device as backup and do not get locked out of your accounts.