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SqureIT is a cyber safety and security awareness platform focused on children and their caretakers. This is done by providing simple rules of behavior with the rational behind such rules. This is coupled with interactive elemets and tools for enhancing the users' digital experiences.

Digital well-being is becoming an essential part of the general human health as we become more connected. The increase of screen time for children in recent years has amplified issues that previously were uncommon or even unheard-of. The idea of digital social media might have started as an innocent initiative to allow individuals a world apart to feel closer, however, it has morphed into an uncontrollable monster claiming the health of generations. Therefore, it is imperative to raise the level of awareness about digital well-being among the general public and one of the most effective ways of doing so is to capture the attention of humans in their adolescence and arm them with information that allows them to navigate an absurdly bizarre world, where almost nothing and no one is what they proclaim to be.

SqureIT is not meant as a place to treat psychological effects that may be caused due to poor digital well-being. The mere purpose of SqureIT is to raise awareness about digital well-being as well as cyber safety and security focusing on children as a target group and both children and their caretakers as the audience. The information provided by SqureIT is well-founded and based on scientific studies. SqureIT aims not to prescribe ways of living for the general public, but rather provide factual information that aids individuals in their decision-making and choice of a digital lifestyle.

This platform is developed and maintained by three students from the PICS program at the University of Skövde.