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KeePassXC & KeePassDX

Never forget a password again, securely store passwords, quickly auto-type them into applications, and log into websites.

Password Manager

Is a program that stores usernames and passwords in a securely encrypted file, where you only need to memorize one password called the master password used for decryption. The information is encrypted and even if the file containing the passwords is laeked the passwords will still be theoretically secure as the master password needed to decrypted the information is only stored in the memory of the user.

Online Password Manager

There is a plethora of online password managers. Most of these solutions are closed-source and there is no way for independant observers to audit their security. Moreover, they comprise a more lucrative threat to attackers because if they manage to hack into such systems they will have access to the credentials of millions of users which has happened multiple times with multiple online password managers.

Browser Password Manager

The built-in browser password managers are very prevalent as they come with no setup process and woth out-of-the-box. However, they usually store the passwords encrypted next to the decryption key; thus if a hacker manages to get a hold of the encrypted passwords they will almost definitely be able to access the decryption key. This poses a great risk and defeats the purpose of using a password manager in the first place.

KeePassXC & KeePassDX

KeePassXC is an open-source cross-platform feature-rich password manager with first-party support for Windows, MacOS, and Linux and most web browsers. Being open-source means that the security of KeePassXC is continiously audited by independent experts and third-party apps have been developed to bring the security and features of KeePassXC to smartphones such as KeePassDX. We strongly recommend both as local password managers for private use.