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Cyber Education & Cyberbullying

It's important to educate children about cyber safety to mitigate and prevent cyberbullying. Teach them to be kind and report any bullying.

Be Vigilant

Look at the signs of cyberbullying such as creating mean images of another kid.

Be a Role Model

Keep in mind that you are a role model for your children. They learn a lot from you so act accordingly around them.

Mitigate the Damage

Remind your child that this is not their fault and most people know that this is wrong.

Teach them what to do

Teach them not to respond in any way, instead teach them to save the evidence and talk to you about it.

Teach them to be critical

Emphasize the concept of credibility to your child. Not everything they see online is true and people might pretend to be someone else.

Be on the lookout

Notice any changes in their behavior. If your child avoids using their devices it might be a sign of online bullying.